Who Should Attend

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"If you want to go further faster in your horsemanship
then back up and slow down"

If you want to reenergize your training program, then you need to come to a Cornerstone Horse Training Clinic. Steve and Wendy are dedicated to teaching you how to better communicate with and train your horse. People keep coming back to Cornerstone clinics to continue furthering their knowledge and to improve their relationship with their horse. Over the course of a few days you will learn:

  • training techniques
  • why your horse responds to some cues better than others
  • how to read your horse
  • how your horse reads you
  • how to target the source of bad behavior
  • how to select which techniques to use to overcome bad behavior
  • how to communicate with your horse quickly, efficiently and consistently
  • how to identify your horse’s talents and maximize them
  • how to improve your horse’s athletic ability
  • how to improve your horse’s attitude
  • how to improve your horse’s willingness and dependability

Cornerstone Horse Training has helped people achieve their goals in these competitive arenas:

  • reining
  • cutting
  • competitive trail riding
  • western pleasure
  • dressage
  • hunter jumper
  • trail riding
  • speed events

"As an eventing rider and student, I daily encounter others who experience problems with their horses. Some of the riders complain that their horses are not responsive in lateral work. Others recognize that their horses are not easy to collect for higher-level training movements. I refer them all to you! Not only are your training methods perfect for eventing horses and their riders, but they help eventing riders train horses that are a joy to own as well."

- Stacey Mitchel