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"Work the feet in all four directions to encourage the try,
and then reward the smallest try"

How many people will be at each clinic?

We keep our clinics small enough that you get personalized attention but large enough that you benefit from witnessing the journey other clinic participants take with their horse. A typical clinic has 10 – 12 participants. 

Do I need special equipment?

You don’t need anything special to attend a Cornerstone Horse Training clinic but you do need to bring the basics with you.

  • a good fitting saddle that is comfortable for your horse
  • a bridle fitted with a non-leverage snaffle bit (O-ring, D-ring full-cheek, egg-butt)
  • rope halter* with a 14’ lead*
  • stick and string*

* If you don’t have the items listed, they will be available for purchase. Please give us advanced notice.  

Can children attend a clinic?

Yes. Children age 12 and up may attend certain clinics. Please call (903) 498-4724 to find out if a particular clinic is open to register children under 18.

Where are clinics held?

In addition to conducting clinics at our ranch in Scurry, Texas, we also travel across the United States. If you are interested in hosting a clinic at your facility, please contact us at (903) 498-4724 to set up a date.

Where will my horse stay?

For a fee of $10 per day we provide overnight stabling for your horse at our facility. For all other clinics you will need to contact the host facility for stabling arrangements. Owners are responsible for all care of their horse during clinic.

Where will I stay?

For a list of local hotels please contact us.

Do I need to bring feed for my horse?

Yes. You are responsible for all feed and care of your horse.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork?

Yes. You will need to fill out the Cornerstone Horse Training Indemnity Form. This form states that we are not responsible for any accidents or injury that occurs to you or your horse while you are at our clinic. If the clinic is held at a facility other than our ranch, that facility may also require that you sign an indemnity agreement. We would also like to get some background information on you and your horse which tells us things like how long you’ve been riding, your level or experience, the age of your horse, etc. We will provide you with all the documents when you sign up for the clinic.

What will I learn?

Go to the clinic page and read about each clinic to see what is covered.

What do people say about your clinics?

“I was very impressed with your ability to teach not only the horse, but also the greater challenge… humans. I greatly desire to obtain the knowledge and skills of training horses. There are so many different methods and ideologies when it comes to understanding the horse, but after hours of reading and watching various horse trainers, I believe that your method is not only humane but comprehensible. In other words, it just makes sense. Wendy, I have to say, you have an incredible talent. I've been coached by many so-called "highly recommended trainers," but you have a way with both horses and people. I walked away from your program understanding concepts that before that day just really didn't compute. I would be honored if you could pass your wisdom on to me. Your dedication to horses and the enlightenment you grace upon your students is inspiring. “

 ~ Noah S.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the seminar last week. I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned and how many eye-opening moments I had. Your gifts of horsemanship and teaching make a wonderful combination for those of us trying to increase our knowledge with horses. I not only left the class with more knowledge, but a new motivation to achieve. As you know, when working with horses, everyday motivation is important, and I gained a great deal at your place. I hope to be able to attend another clinic and continue my education. I will keep you in my prayers and remember to thank God for letting me meet such good people. Carpe diem!”

~ Lanny

“You are so natural, and your results are tremendous! I love your concept of training the RIDER and the horse. I have found that this is the only way to go.”

~ Traci Brandon, Morgan’s Pleasure Horses