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"You can’t win a tug of war with a horse,
teaching them to yield to pressure is the road to sanity"

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People look at us and say, ‘They’re horse trainers,’ and they’re right, we do train horses but our passion is training people to train horses. Let Cornerstone Horse Training guide you on your journey to being a better horseman.

Whether you’re a beginner or if you’ve been working with horses your whole life, attending a clinic or getting one-on-one instruction from Steve & Wendy Smith of Cornerstone Horse Training, will help you reach your horsemanship and showmanship goals faster.

At Cornerstone, we understand that knowledge is king. We know that when you combine the how’s and why’s of horsemanship with the skills and techniques of horsemanship, you will advance yourself and your horses much more quickly. That’s why every clinic/lesson is structured around these principles:

  • the mechanics of each exercise/goal
  • horsemanship techniques needed to achieve each exercise/goal
  • the how’s and why’s of each technique
  • understanding what are you communicating to your horse
  • understand how your horse is interpreting your communication

No bells & whistles!

Sound horsemanship isn’t about gimmicks, bells and whistles – it’s about you and your horse. We teach you to handle and train your horse with basic tack and equipment.

Safety First

Safety is an overriding factor in everything we do and safety needs to be of the highest importance in everything you do with your horse. Safety is important because horses are supposed to be fun and it’s not fun when you get hurt or your horse gets injured. When you feel safe, your confidence will sky rocket and you will achieve your goals and your horse will be happier and better trained.

In all of our clinics we will teach you:

  • how to read a horse
  • how to act when a horse acts like a horse
  • to understand why the horse is doing what he’s doing
  • to increase your balance and security in the saddle
  • how you can improve your horsemanship and your horse’s behavior

Cornerstone Horsemanship Clinics:

While each of the Cornerstone Horse Training clinics focuses on a specific topic, clinic length and content will be adjusted to suit each specific group and the individuals within the group. Clinics we currently offer are:

  • Starting on the Right Hoof
  • Confidence
  • 5 Body Parts
  • Elements of a Seasoned Horse
  • Impulsion Control Clinic
  • Spook Proof Clinic
  • Obstacle Course Clinic
  • Colt Starting
  • Training on the Trail

"I just wanted to drop a line to say "thank you" for five days of total enlightenment. Your class was all I'd hoped for and more, and I hated to see it end. Your ability to put into words what you were teaching was crystal clear. That was what was so exciting about your class. You teach with clarity (which is very important), and I left there having no doubts about being able to go home and continue what I learned. I look forward to (another) class next year. I promise that both Sugar and myself will have done our homework and we'll be ready for you. Thanks again."

Lori W.